Central Voting 2021

Professionalize a logistics experiment from the government with more than 1000 volunteers and strict safety requirements? We will take on that logistical challenge!

The project

If you do what you always did, you get what you always got. Sounds like a ballot box, so we went out of the box when we carried out the Central Voting Record (CSO) for the Municipality of Rotterdam. The aim of counting ballots centrally is to make the counting process more efficient, reliable, transparent and therefore more controllable. After organizing not 1 but 2 successful CSOs for Rotterdam in 2019, we were also allowed to support the Municipalities of Amsterdam and Utrecht in 2021 for the elections to the House of Representatives.

"We had to master the rough frameworks of the electoral law and the system in a short period of time. Together with the people of the 'Elections' department, we defined the assignment and rolled out a plan. A very intensive, instructive and challenging job."

Nicole van der Valk

The challenge

The municipalities of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Utrecht are one of the larger municipalities to participate in a trial by the Ministry of the Interior. A logistically complex and protocol-technically very challenging project. After organizing the first try out in 2018, the municipality of Rotterdam in 2019 and the municipalities of Rotterdam, Utrecht and Amsterdam in 2021 sought an expert to professionalize this 'experiment'.

The result

The plan was there, the budgets had been approved, but there was no real strong executive power: the customer needed project-based, professional support to be able to guarantee quality. This Central Voting Register is a whole new branch of sport for us as an event organization. The emphasis for us was on the logistics plan, taking into account the very strict safety requirements from the Ministry of the Interior. The municipalities were responsible for the actual electoral part. We brought all parties together, worked out a perfect logistics plan and ensured successful implementation and supervision of the thousands of volunteers who came to count. Foto credits: Gemeente Rotterdam