How do we approach your project?

The IINII approach

Thanks to our years of experience, we quickly see what your concept needs. And which routes and professionals are appropriate. Always based on a strategic plan, with the best suppliers and a limitless view: nothing is impossible.

That’s how we do it



Having an impact starts with good listening. That is why we would like to get to know you personally, in order to gain insight into your story and goal.


Concept and live presentation

Based on your objective, our creatives will work on a phenomenal concept. One that seamlessly connects to the perception of your target group. You can count on it.



If necessary, we will refine our concept and make you a proposal that will make you enthusiastic. We are eager to get started.


Elaborate and agenda

We further elaborate our concept in means. And determine the production schedule. What do you do and what do we do? Because pleasant collaboration starts with clear expectations.


Organization and realization

We go for it, in whatever form we may work for you. We ensure that you go through the journey to your event without tension or doubt.


A cup of coffee in between

We really think collaboration is very important. We don't fly in and out, but continue to strengthen your team. We will therefore keep you well informed, so that we are always on the same page.


Production meeting

There we go. The last meeting before the day of your event starts. Is the red carpet out and everyone briefed? Naturally.


Day of the event

We are there. Time to shine.


Evaluation and beyond

How did the event go? And just as important: where are we going now? Your target audience has been set in motion. Now it's time to get going.

We are here for you