Let’s do it together festival

We do it together! Festival is an initiative of KNHM Foundation and VSBfonds. In addition, the DOEN Foundation, the Oranje Fonds, Nederland Zorgt Voor Elkaar (NLZVE), LSA Bewoners and NOV help make the festival possible. Various partners are also helping to shape the content of the festival. We do it together!

The project

During the We do it together Festival all partners want to stimulate active citizenship and show and celebrate the success of many local initiatives throughout the Netherlands. How can we successfully convert the planned live event into an online edition in this 2020 corona pandemic time.

“Organizing an online festival is another branch of sport, which the organization has devoted itself to with enthusiasm and eagerness to learn in recent months. Together with more than 1200 participants, we look back on a special, crazy but educational festival!”

The challenge

An interactive multi-day online festival! The kick-off was on Saturday from the Prodent factory in Amersfoort, followed by another 3 days full of knowledge and inspiration sessions. With a total of 45 workshops, 5 speakers, a launch of an Academy, resident expeditions, many consultations and the award show Kern with Pit, it was a very successful setup. For the festival, we used our knowledge in the field of strategy, advice, project management and production.

The result

More than 1200 participants attended the festival online, the target in this digital form has been achieved. The participants who were not able to attend all workshops had the opportunity to watch them back. Nearly 600 participants have visited the retrospective page of the workshops. The organization hopes to organize a 'best of both worlds' festival edition next year, in which online and live reinforce each other!