80 years Prince Bernhard Culture Fund

An inspiring cultural program around the 80th anniversary of the Prince Bernhard Cultuurfonds. The culture fund is fully committed to the culture sector, which has been hit hard by the corona crisis.

The project

This resulted in a hybrid form in which a select group came together live and the other guests followed the program online or watched the broadcast at a later time. During the cultural and substantive program, attention was paid to the resilience of culture makers, the highlights of the culture fund in the past eighty years and the role of the fund now and in the future. Willem-Alexander unveiled a textile work by Bas Kosters, made especially for the anniversary.

“In 2020, due to corona, we are back where we once started as a cultural fund: with our first motto 'tua res agitur', it is also your business. It is these words that are again very topical. I would like to say to everyone: be involved, care about culture” - Adriana Esmeijer, Director

The challenge

When you bring people, dreams and worlds together, culture comes alive. How do you keep culture alive in a time full of restrictions and how do you celebrate an 80th anniversary with a limited number of guests? We advised and supported the Prins Bernard Cultuurfonds in terms of content and were responsible for project management, technical realization and production.

The result

With attention to the culture makers, donors and initiatives and creativity arise in times of pandemic. With 30 guests present live and 1,700 viewers online, the reach was greater than at previous meetings where only live was used. Keep the culture alive, right now! It can be live, online or hybrid! Foto credits: Jorrit Lousberg