Tempo Team T-Biza

How do you give a creative interpretation to a 50th anniversary?

The project

Want to come up with an out of the box concept that translates Tempo Team's employer branding strategy into a unique live experience? Challenge accepted!

“For our 50th anniversary, we worked as 1 team with IINIIfor the entire organization of a party where everything turned out to be right. On an island that had been completely transformed into T-Ibiza for that day, the beautiful weather and the organization ensuredIINII to a very successful party that we still look back on with pride and great pleasure." - Martijn Janssen, Financial Director

The challenge

After a period of internal Employer Branding, Tempo-Team was determined to surpass their Go Red Go mad party. The challenge was the creation and production of a concept that translated their internal strategy around job satisfaction into an epic live event. All the attention, love and energy that had been put into the strategy from marketing and communication had to find its way to an event that exceeds expectations. Rightly so!

The result

We created T-Biza on an island and let 1200 colleagues experience the campaign “Who is interested in it”. Our team was responsible for the concept, creation and production of the event and just as important: the preliminary phase leading up to the event. We involved the employees in the strategy through playful activations and warmed them up for the party of the century, where everything came together.