Hey, good to see you

you undoubtedly have a great idea in mind. Unique, formal, intimate or very large. But always with a special purpose. And that’s where it starts.

Knowing where you want to go is the first step. But the way there? That can sometimes be quite difficult. There is always more to it than you expected. We know that all too well! We have walked countless roads over the years.

Also need reinforcements?

We now know all the bumps, back roads and possible directions .Then we take the path that suits you and jump in where necessary. What do you want to achieve? And what do you need for that? We can take it completely off your hands or just advise. Just what you need. We take you with us and keep our destination in mind every step of the way. We’re going to get there. And when we get there… we look at you.
It’s not about the red carpet or the champagne for us. It will be alright. We care about you. We want you to travel the road to your event without tension or hesitation. That that destination turns out to be even more beautiful than you had sketched us in advance. That you can be proud of yourself and your team.Because that’s why we’re here.

We are here

Therefore IINII

We are a creative event agency with an unprecedented fresh look at live communication. Passionate, strong and incredibly versatile. Because with backgrounds in the music and automotive industry, the world of non-profit and the marines, no challenge is unrealizable for our founders Rob, Ineke and Nicole. Together we strengthen your team and activate every target group, nationally and internationally. We are here.

Who we are

Senior project manager

Partner & Creative Director

Digital event manager

Partner & Production Director

Partner & Project Director

Junior event manager

Back-office manager

We are here for you

Making exceptional experiences is what we do. For social organisations with a great mission, or corporates with a cool story. We map out a strategy and deliver strong content to get you to your goals. Because, together we can achieve whatever you need. Want to know more about us or want to chat?

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We’re always looking for passionate creatives who want to change the event industry for good. If you think you’d be a great fit, get in touch.